4 Gifts I’m Getting My Kids For Christmas

*Disclaimer: I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I wanted to give you a helpful tip in case you experience anxiety while purchasing gifts like I do.

Don’t know if you know this, but I deal with anxiety daily. I’m working on gaining and ridding myself of habits that will make it easier to deal with.

Sterling’s birthday is Thursday, so Dustin and I ventured to Target. After picking up some essentials, we figured we’d take a visit to the toy section. We split up to see what we could find.

Let me tell you what happened.

I started to sweat. Gross, right? I instantly forgot what Sterling likes and dislikes. They’ve got Thomas, Paw Patrol, Lego’s, Star Wars, and every other toy imaginable. I was throwing toys in the cart left and right. All I could think about was social “pressure”. You’ve got to get the latest and greatest, even if it comes with a $100 price tag. Don’t even think about batting an eye.


When I looked into the cart, there were plenty of things I didn’t want to purchase. I stood in one of the aisles for a moment and held each toy in the cart. I prayed over each one. I wanted my heart to tell me what Sterling would love. I couldn’t find a one that he would treasure for more than an hour.

While I was sweating, I had the 4 Gift Rule pop into my head. You’ve probably heard it.

Something they want. Something they need.

Something to wear. Something to read.

I was saying the jingle over and over, I just couldn’t remember the wear part. I couldn’t take it anymore. I walked over to the electronics section and used one of their iPhone’s on display to search for it. Found it here. I really like the focus put on Christ & the verses that they picked, so I made the 4 images below.

It’s normally floating around Pinterest closer to Christmas, but we’re using it for birthdays also. I felt freedom the second I decided to use this principle. Hopefully it helps you in some way too!

Keep on shining!