What is up my friend?

Chelsea here. Welcome to my space on the internet! SO glad you’re here.

I’m a very happy person.

I’m the first person to shout, “YOU GO GIRL!”.

I’m the last person to support and encourage myself.

You would never guess I doubt, shame, criticize, and blame myself.

You would never guess I struggled with anxiety and depression.

I want to change that.

We are more alike than we let on and the more we let others in, the less our chances of being alone.

My goal with this space is to support, educate, and empower you through life’s not so glamorous moments.

I want this space to be a hand you can hold every step of the way.

Here I will offer my experiences as well as experiences of those closest to me (with permission).

And because this is a blog, you can expect me to throw in fun posts on self-care/fitness, family, monthly favorites, travel, and our home.

I was raised on the east coast. I live in the mid-west.

Long story short, I was raised in Virginia. I moved to South Dakota in 2009 to go to college.

After a year, I dropped out in hopes of becoming a farmer’s wife and starting a family.

5 years and 2 kids later, my divorce was finalized in 2014 and I experienced what I can only explain as something you’d see on a Lifetime movie.

For years I had a skewed view of what love meant and what it meant I had to accept.

My boyfriend Dustin is such a goofball. His sole purpose most days is to see how many times he can get me to laugh.


Dustin has worked so hard with me to reverse the damage that was done during my marriage and helped me believe I am capable of being loved unconditionally.

He has strengthened my relationship with God.

He has taught me how to stand up for myself.

He has stepped up to be a step-father to my kids.

These days, we spend our time building a life we love. We enjoy weekend getaways, going to movies, cruising our ’64 Pontiac, and making our home one we love to come back to.


There are no words to explain how much Sterling and Harper mean to me.

They are proof light can come from darkness.

Sterling is playful and silly. His belly laugh is the best. He is always finding ways to make us smile.

Harper is a goofball and she is stubborn. She is always reminding us she loves us. She loves to do cartwheels.

I love reading.

When I was younger, my (smart) aunt Cathy, restricted me to one Harry Potter book a summer.

I love spending hours at the bookstore.

I pick up books that look remotely interesting, find a place to sit (usually with coffee), and read the first page in each book.

Feel free to check out my Reading List! I (plan to) review 1-2 books a month and keep the list of posts in one place for easy browsing.

If you have a recommendation, please send it my way!

I love music (especially live!) and entertaining friends.

Music has helped me through every moment of my life.

Concerts are my jam! I cherish smaller venues, like a bar or club.

Red Rocks is my favorite venue to date and it will be very hard to top that!

Having friends over casually for some conversation, making dinner, or movie night excites me.

There is a place for everyone at my table.

Thanks for taking the time out of your awesome life to stop by.

Yeah, I said it,

Your life is awesome and so are you!