My Oily Life: Christmas Gift Guide


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I feel deep down we’re all trying to support a healthier lifestyle, for ourselves and our families. Gifts are the best place to start to introduce oils to you and your loved ones. Knowing how oils work and how they can support us, really eases the gift giving process for me.

This year, it’s no secret that many of my loved ones will receive oily gifts. Swiping on some Valor, our courage oil, while I create this list of gift ideas for you.

Who is this guide for? Easy answer, anyone!

Gift Combinations:

  • purification & wool dryer balls
  • stress away & bath bombs
  • lemon vitality & a glass water bottle
  • thieves & cozy socks
  • lavender & cozy pajamas
  • sleepyize & a stuffed animal
  • shutran beard oil & northern lights black spruce
  • mirah hair oil & a brush
  • poppy seed lip scrub & lip balm set
  • lime vitality & a cocktail shaker
  • frankincense & a jade roller
  • dragon time & a good book (a must for teens)
  • thieves laundry soap & seedlings baby wipes (hack:  toxic-free dryer sheets!)
  • cinnamon bark vitality & a coffee mug

Know someone who loves oils? Here are some gift ideas for them too!

Also, this Friday at 7 PM MST (no longer than an hour!), I’m hosting a Holiday Gift Class! Come join me! Super fun! There will be plenty of DIY and DI-BUY gift ideas! Stocking stuffers, gift combinations, gifts for men, kiddos, young athletes, pets, and so much more! If you can’t attend live, marking going so you can access it after it’s over!

Tying you close,