Last Weekend at the Cabin

We got back late Sunday afternoon from one of my favorite places on earth, the lake cabin, owned by my great uncle and late great aunt. I’ve been coming to this place since I was a child, it’s where I discovered Harry Potter and I Love Lucy (The Long, Long Trailer being my absolute favorite). I watched my first Marilyn Monroe movie (Gentleman Prefer Blondes) and was fascinated with the music in Phantom of the Opera (and developed a love (and crush) for Josh Groban and his music).

I slept outside for the first time: on a cot, no tent, no cover, just me and the elements.I remember shaving my legs for the first time with one of my aunt’s nurses one summer. I remember jumping off the dock as fast as it took me to change into my bathing suit after our arrival (when we didn’t arrive at night), scared for my life a fish might come find me and actually touch me! I learned how to fish and caught lots of bass and even a few northerns (you wouldn’t catch me ever taking one off the hook though, I couldn’t bear to touch them). I remember camp fires, always with s’mores, always.

This place is a slice of heaven on earth, magnified by the amazing beauty of the space and location, as well as the memories it holds. This weekend was our last visit for the year as my uncle travels to California when the cold weather hits South Dakota.

The kids learned to play Go Fish and it was so much fun to watch them interact while playing. Sterling would raise his eyebrows every time he would ask if we had something. Harper would respond to our do you have questions with no, but I have a ______ and name another number she did have. It was super cute and we played at least one hundred times. I got to read more of Girl, Wash Your Face and it is so good.


One for the books, for sure! Already looking forward to next summer’s visits!

– Chelsea

Virginia Beach 2018: There & Back

Breaking up our trip into a few posts so it doesn’t become a novel and isn’t bogged down with photos.

Happy Tuesday!

Prepping for our trip went a lot smoother than trips past and even smoother than some shorter trips we’ve taken.

Packing for a two week trip is not easy but I made LOTS of to-do lists before hand and double checked the bags as I was packing.

Things that made the trip easier for us:

+ I used a clear plastic tub for between their seats to have lots of grab and go things like their water bottles, some toys, books, headphones (for tablet use or music), and face wipes for easy clean up.
+ I also placed a small garbage can in between them. This made for easy clean up at each stop along the way.
+ I left their stuffies, blankets, and pillows nearby so they could grab them when they needed them.

**Before we left, yes Sterling is buckled. He likes to move the shoulder strap behind him when I’m not looking. But I catch him and promptly remind him to put it back.


We had so much fun along the way! We got to see some really beautiful country.

More posts about our trip coming soon!