Five Ways To Help Eliminate Brain Fog

I always thought brain fog was a joke, until I got pregnant. It got even worse after I had kids. And I did not know it could go to extreme lengths until I went through my divorce. I felt easily overwhelmed by the simplest of tasks and I could almost feel my brain being stretched […]

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Virginia Beach 2018: There & Back

Breaking up our trip into a few posts so it doesn’t become a novel and isn’t bogged down with photos. Happy Tuesday! Prepping for our trip went a lot smoother than trips past and even smoother than some shorter trips we’ve taken. Packing for a two week trip is not easy but I made LOTS […]

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July Favorites


Threads: Love this cover up, so does Harper! It’s super cute and she gets so many compliments in it! This swimsuit! These shoes for little boys!   Personal: These maps are adorable to show where you’ve traveled! Definitely going to order a couple for the kids and one for us! This personality test is awesome, I love learning about […]

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