Sterling – 7!

This is my favorite photo of him to date. Thanks again, Olive.

My son and I

One that brings tears to my eyes the second I see it. I can hear that laugh just looking at it. I meant to post this the evening of his birthday, but I’m glad I waited. I had more time to soak in the memory when this photo was taken this summer during our Virginia Beach trip. One I hope not to forget for a long time.

Sterling (actually, both kids) was on cloud nine, traveling across many states (always asking how many we had left), seeing the ocean, meeting my family in person beats FaceTime every time, spending time with cousins, hot summer days, boardwalk walks at night, sand everywhere, being in a pool where he couldn’t touch, but could bravely navigate the waters by himself. My kids have been drawn to water since they were infants. I’m the same way. I can’t get enough of it.

I hope when he looks back on his life and thinks about how things could and should be, he sees photos like this one and knows all I ever want for him is that. I want him to know I’ve got him. To not only come to me when he’s sad, but to come laugh with me too.

He’s the sweetest boy, and I’m not just saying that because I’m his mom. He really is. He’s thoughtful, caring, empathetic, and he wears his heart on his sleeve. Always wants to be in charge of the younger ones, always teaching and helping. He loves snuggles, especially if you ask him first. He loves being outside. He loves hunting. He loves Imagine Dragons (I really want to surprise him with a concert ticket sometime!). He loves our disco lights and our dance parties. He loves dinosaurs.

Sterling, we love you so much. We couldn’t imagine life without you by our side. You can make us laugh any time. Your imagination is amazing. You love reading (something I’m so grateful for) and you love math. You’re our bb and you are a ray of sunshine.

Love you bubba.

July Favorites

  • Love this cover up, so does Harper! It’s super cute and she gets so many compliments in it!
  • This swimsuit!
  • These shoes for little boys!


  • These maps are adorable to show where you’ve traveled! Definitely going to order a couple for the kids and one for us!
  • This personality test is awesome, I love learning about myself, especially about how I operate and what my strengths and struggles are.
  • I love the smell of grapefruit, this lip balm is magical.
  • This star map is an original and thoughtful gift idea, I got one for Dustin for our anniversary!


    In this season of my life, I’m looking for real people. Sprinkled in there I love looking at beautiful feeds, whatever your craft. But I am IN LOVE with finding people who give a shit about life, this planet, how they take care of themselves, their spouses, and the care, time, and energy put into the products and peices they create.
  • Katy Hearn. Began following her this week and she is awesome. Can relate to her acne journey so much! I plan on documenting mine in the future.
  • Krissy Mae Cagney. She is such a bad ass, beyond that she gives a shit. I love her story and who she’s become and her drive to help others through the shit too.  
  • DLB & Rob Bailey, always. Currently eating up Rob’s 30 Day Transformation videos. I’m in love with the way they brand and market themselves. The intro to the series is dope.


  • Come Matter Here. Not quite finished because I’m the queen of starting, never finishing. So far this book has so many reassuring words.
  • Girl, Wash Your Face. We are presented and told things we already know on the daily, but this book takes those lies and Rachel grabs you by the face and says LOOK HERE LADY, here is the truth!
  • Harper loves this mermaid book so much!
  • Sterling loves anything involving this pigeon, this one about a hot dog is his favorite.


  • Matcha lemonade.
  • Lemon purée and water!


Thanks for joining in on some of my favorite things. I hope to do this every month.


Have a great weekend!
– Chelsea